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AVTV: Alumni Ventures

AVTV features Mike Collins, Founder and CEO of Alumni Ventures

AVTV: Alumni Ventures

October 4, 2021 | Ashley Brindamour


Alumni Ventures brings smart, simple venture capital to individual investors. Mike Collins, Founder and CEO of Alumni Ventures, discusses the inspiration for building the company and how it has grown, the community that provides AV its competitive advantage, and the lessons learned from building a disruptive company.


Estimated View Time: ~3 Minutes


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Alumni Ventures is a network-powered venture capital firm helping accredited individuals become more successful venture investors. CEO and founder Mike Collins leveraged his own experience and frustrations as a private venture investor as inspiration to start Alumni Ventures. By adopting the smart, simple venture investing model, Alumni Ventures has grown to be one of the most active venture firms in the U.S. (Pitchbook, 2020), with a network of 550,000 community members and subscribers.

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