Alumni Ventures Tokens (AVT)

Currently in Beta Launch


The Alumni Ventures Token (AVT) program is our rewards program for all Alumni Ventures investors. Our investors earn AVT by making investments with our firm. Holding at least one AVT enables an investor to access Syndication investment opportunities.

The program launches on August 1, 2021. On that day, all existing AV investors will receive one AVT for every $100 that has ever been invested with the firm. Investor AVT count will automatically update based on this same ratio once a new investment is completed. AVT decay at a rate of one per day.

For example, if you’ve made a single $50,000 investment, you will begin with 500 AVT and have 500 days remaining of access to invest in Syndication opportunities.

We are already working to expand the utility of the tokens and see a future where investors can earn and spend tokens in additional ways that add significant value to their experience with Alumni Ventures.*

*The Alumni Ventures Token (“AVT”) is not intended to constitute regulated forms of prepaid access or stored value. AVT is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Investor Protection Corporation protections. If you have any questions, first contact our VP Syndications & Venture Clubs, Stephanie King, at Or email Rewards program is open only to fund investors, age 18 or older. AVT rewards are issued for promotional purposes. AVTs are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. AVTs expire at a rate of 1 per day. 

For more information, see our FAQ section below.


Every investor receives one AVT for every $100 they invest with Alumni Ventures in our funds, Syndications, or in the management company. For example, if you invest $250,000 with Alumni Ventures, you will receive a starting balance of 2,500 AVT. If you’ve invested $50,000, you will receive a starting balance of 500 AVT.

Tokens have a decay rate of one per day. AVT calculations happen automatically and are always available to view in your AV Investor Portal.

Log in to your AV Investor Portal. In the upper right (next to “My Account”) you will see a token icon and a number. This automatically calculates whenever you view your Investor Portal.

Yes, we will get in touch with you a few months before you run out of AVT. This will give you enough time to consider making another investment to extend your access to the Syndication investment opportunities.

No. At this time there are no other ways for you to spend or lose your AVT.

For all joint-subscriber investments, each subscriber has their own unique investor account with AV. On investments that have two or more subscribers, the tokens are split equally among the joint-subscriber accounts. So, if you had a $50,000 joint-subscriber investment with one other person, each would be granted 250 AVTs.

Your updated token balance will be available within one business day of completing your investment with Alumni Ventures.

The investor tier program is described here. At this time, these are two separate programs.

Once you have a balance of zero AVT, you will no longer be included on notifications of new Syndications, and you cannot borrow against potential future tokens. Once you make a new non-Syndication investment in one of our funds, then you will earn AVT and the opportunity to invest in Syndications.

Nothing is set in stone, but we are working on several ideas that are aimed to provide meaningful value to our investors. More to come soon.