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AVG Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift ideas from our portfolio companies

AVG Holiday Gift Guide

December 11, 2020 | Ashley Brindamour

For many people, the holiday season will look much different this year due to COVID-19. At AVG, we want to ease some of your holiday burdens by offering great gift ideas from our portfolio. You can visit the AVG Store for discount codes from many of these companies.




For the Luxe Fashion Fan: Verishop

The luxury e-commerce platform Verishop sells a curated selection of men’s and women’s fashion, home goods, electronics, kid merchandise, and beauty products. With free one-day shipping, free returns, and 24/7 customer service, Verishop is an ideal one-stop shop for all your holiday needs.


For the Active Men in Your Life: Rhone Apparel 

Rhone is an athletic wear company for men that offers an array of active lifestyle clothing developed with comfort and performance in mind. Whether you are in search of tops, bottoms, everyday essentials, or sport-specific items, Rhone has you covered. For the holidays, Rhone is offering gift bundles, stocking stuffers, and party options. 


For the Hair Enthusiast: Crown Affair 

Crown Affair is a beauty company offering innovative hair products online. The company carries high-end combs, brushes, hair towels, scrunchies, conditioning oils, and masks. Currently, Crown Affair is offering a holiday hair kit loaded with products for the hair enthusiast in your life. 


For the Busy Beauty Queen: Busy Co

Busy Co’s people and planet-friendly beauty solutions are a game-changer for women on the go. The company’s portable hygiene products like showerless shave gel and deodorant wipes make great stocking stuffers. 


For the Music Fan: Artiphon 

Artiphon was named one of the best inventions of the year in 2015 by TIME Magazine. The company’s INSTRUMENT 1, a MIDI controller that plays multiple instruments on a single interface, is a great gift option for music enthusiasts. 


For the Nature Lover: Getaway 

Getaway offers nightly tiny house rentals in secluded, wooded, and natural landscapes. This unique gift idea is great for anyone looking for a way to disconnect and enjoy a short vacation in nature.


For the Health-Conscious Consumer: LARQ

LARQ designs self-cleaning bottles to help people access pristine drinking water. Unlike traditional water bottles, LARQ eradicates up to 99.99% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses through the use of UV light. The bottles come in a variety of different colors and holiday gift sets are now available online. 


For the Coffee Fanatic: High Brew Coffee

High Brew Coffee is a convenient, shelf-stable, premium, cold-brew experience made from 100% Fair Trade Certified Arabica beans. Get the coffee lover in your life one of each of the company’s five indulgent flavors.


For the College Student: Hillflint

The heirloom-quality apparel company Hillflint offers logoed college clothing for over 100 schools, making it an ideal gift option for the college student in your life. 


For the Wellness Advocate: OURA

Oura is the developer of a wellness ring and software application that tracks multiple body measurements, all designed to help the wearer get more restful sleep and perform better. This sizable ring comes in four classy finishes allowing you to pick the perfect model for the health lover in your life. 


The Gift of Safety: Kangaroo

Give your loved ones the gift of safety this holiday season with affordable home surveillance options from Kangaroo. This tech-first security company sells kits, cameras, sensors, and accessories for different housing types. 


For the Creator: Kano

Kano is a do-it-yourself computer kit designed to allow anyone, especially children, to build a computer and learn basic computer coding skills. Kano is a fun and educational gift option for kids of all ages. 


The Gift of Protection: Kinsa  

Kinsa offers one of the best gifts we can give our friends and family this year – protection during this pandemic. The company’s smart thermometer tracks the spread of illness in real-time and forecasts future outbreaks.

For the Book Worm: Next Big Idea Club 

Next Big Idea Club is a subscription book service that ships two of the most groundbreaking non-fiction books on the market to your door every season. Give the book worm in your life the gift of learning and literature with a year-long subscription.




For the Environmentalist: Thousand Fell

Thousand Fell is a sustainably sourced and recyclable line of sneakers. These stylish and eco-friendly shoes come in a wide array of styles and colors for men and women.




For the Conservationist: Zero Grocery 

Zero Grocery is the first plastic-free, zero-waste online grocery store in the U.S.  A Zero Grocery gift card is a great option for those who want to protect the planet and do some good as part of their daily routine without compromising quality, convenience, or cost.



The Gift of Metabolic Health: Levels 

Levels is the first biowearable that provides feedback on how your diet impacts your health by monitoring blood sugar in real time. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maximize exercise performance, or build a diet that’s optimized for longevity, real-time blood glucose data is critical. Levels currently has a waitlist of over 60,000 and is running a closed early access program. You can skip that line and purchase Levels today by clicking here.


From all of us at AVG we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.


Feature Photo: George Dolgikh

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