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Alumni Ventures Portfolio Companies in the 2021 Forbes AI 50

Alumni Ventures Portfolio Companies in the 2021 Forbes AI 50

April 30, 2021 | Abree Murch

Earlier this week, Forbes released their third annual AI 50, a list of private, promising North American companies that are using artificial intelligence in ways that are fundamental to their operations. These companies were selected from among 400+ applications by Forbes’ data partners and a panel of AI experts.


Click the graphic below to watch a video summary:


Did you see some familiar names in this year’s cohort? Here’s a bit more about the Alumni Ventures portfolio companies that made the list.



Based in San Francisco, Canvas is innovating in the construction industry by creating high-quality tools for workers while matching the building demand of future decades. The company is addressing a significant portion of the $1.3 trillion construction industry market by leveraging advancements in collaborative robotics and machine learning to build a new class of tools for the drywall finishing space.

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FarmWise provides farmers with an eco-friendly means to grow organic crops at scale and meet increasing global food demand. The company is developing autonomous robots that perform a variety of farming functions, using machine learning models, computer vision, and high-precision mechanical tools. FarmWise’s first product, the Titan FT35 autonomous weeder, has been deployed in California and Arizona to support a variety of crops including leafy greens, cauliflower, and broccoli.

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Founded in 2017, Gatik AI, is helping retailers adapt to the new distribution environment through the use of autonomous vehicles (AV). The company’s 11-foot refrigerated box trucks avoid challenges that impact other self-driving cars by choosing shorter and more efficient routes. Gatik’s test vehicle has already logged 70,000 autonomous miles at a Walmart location in Bentonville, Arkansas, while being monitored by a safety driver.

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Verge Genomics

Verge Genomics uses machine learning and human genomics to accelerate drug discovery. Their platform employs computational genomics and neuroscience to create breakthrough drugs for neurogenerative disease.


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