Smart, Simple Venture Capital Portfolios

For Investment Advisers and their clients

Why You May Want to Add Venture Capital to Your Portfolio

  1. VC returns have been strong over many periods1
  2. VC returns are largely uncorrelated with other asset classes2
  3. A great way to be an impact investor

1 Cambridge Associates, Venture Capital Benchmarks
2 Top Tier, The Inverse Correlation Between Venture and Public Markets

AVG Provides Your Client Unique VC Portfolio Options

  • AVG Total Access Fund (a portfolio of ~200-300 venture investments)
  • AVG funds are diversified by sector, stage, geography, and lead manager
  • AVG co-invests alongside leading venture firms
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White Glove Service for Investment Professionals

  • We are set up to serve you and your clients
  • Compatible with major online investment platforms
  • See AVG Fees
  • See AVG Performance
  • Online portal available 24/7
  • Single, annual K-1s in March for each client; simple distributions
  • Regular newsletters, exclusive events, and quarterly, mark-to-round reporting
  • Minimum investment of $100K for a full VC portfolio
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AVG’s Unique Network Opens Access to a Powerful Asset Class 

  • AVG’s Total Access Fund is a diversified portfolio of ~200-300 investments
  • Deal access is fueled by deep alumni ties from 17 AVG funds for alumni and friends of the community of schools like Dartmouth, Stanford, Harvard, MIT & more
  • Sourcing & due diligence by ~50  full-time AVG investment professionals in five offices across the country
  • Third most active VC firm in the US in 2019 (PitchBook, by # of investments)
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